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Research activities of Christian Wöhler

Short scientific CV

Overview of research activities in the Image Analysis Group at TU Dortmund (since April 2010)
(examples also include previous research work at Daimler AG, Group Research and Advanced Engineering)

For detailed information see list of publications.

A result of technology transfer: SafetyEYE

A research project for which my former colleague Dr. Lars Krüger and I were responsible at Daimler AG, Group Research and Advanced Engineering, has led to the development of the vision-based SafetyEYE system for three-dimensional surveillance of working areas in industrial production. This system has been created in cooperation between Daimler and the company Pilz GmbH & Co. KG, a specialist for safe automation.

SafetyEYE's trinocular camera sensor

General information about the functionality of SafetyEYE (cf. published press material):
The SafetyEYE system consists of three calibrated cameras which monitor the protection area around a machine, e. g. an industrial robot, and two high-performance industrial PCs. The implemented stereoscopic algorithms determine the three-dimensional structure of the scene being surveyed. As soon as a potentially hazardous situation is about to occur, the system initiates the protective measures necessary to prevent an accident, either by slowing down or by stopping the machine. An important advantage of the SafetyEYE system is the fact that it can be installed quickly and efficiently. While setting up a traditional safety system consisting of several components such as metal fences, light barriers, and laser scanners may take as long as one day, only a few hours are needed to configure SafetyEYE's three-dimensional protection areas. For the future, it is intended to increase the system capabilities towards a distinction between persons and objects. This will be a step towards collaborative working environments in which persons and machines are able to work simultaneously on the same workpiece.

SafetyEYE has received the Automation Award 2006.

For more information about the system, see the SafetyEYE product website and the website of the system supplier Pilz GmbH & Co. KG.

Further activities


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